FAQ - frequently asked questions

What does the term „outsourcing“ mean?

The term „outsourcing“ refers to services, when a company uses an external sources to meet their needs. Outsourcing bears a number of benefits that will appreciate small as well as large entrepreneurs.

What are the advantages of outsourcing of accounting services?

The main advantage of outsourcing are primarily SAVINGS. Reduction of staff in administrative brings a reduction in expenditures on wages, employee benefits, holidays and illnesses. At the same time it saves the employer costs on professional trainings as well as on software and hardware equipment.

Another advantage is the EXPERTNESS. Companies specializing on a certain domain, have better trained, more skilled and experienced  workers that can also share their acquired knowledge with other colleagues. 

What is the other benefit for choosing external bookkeeping?

Outsourcing of accounting services provides the client with SAFETY. Any penalty by the state institutions is delegated to the responsibility of the accounting firm.

Do you act on client’s behalf before the authorities?

Yes. Upon authorization form we represent our clients in negotiation with authorities including state controls. This offers you quite and safe distance when dealing with authorities

Does outsourcing solve the problem of possible misuse of internal data by staff?

Yes, it does. By transferring accounting from your place of business to our office, it offers an absolute protection of information and prevents the misuse of internal data by staff.

Why to choose CUK for your accounting agenda?

The company’s approach is based on a long-lasting, almost 15 years old professional experience. Its know-how lies not just in accounting but it provides other services in a field of tax planning, respectively tax optimization and additional services.

What are the additional services in a case processing the accounting agenda by You?

If you deciede to have your bookkeeping agenda with us, we take care of your payroll agenda also, offer you financial advice and the possibility of archiving documents. Besides that we provide auditing services and most recently, property management.