Ready Made Companies

The term "ready made company" or "shelf company" means a company that meets all legal requirements necessary for the business functioning but has no activity. It was established solely for the purpose of sale to the final customer.

This form of ready made company carries out number of benefits, weather it is to avoid the lenghty administrative process or the benefit of not paying the basic capital. It also carries out wide range of additional services that make start of Your business faster. The main advantage is time. You can have your own company within few days.

A novelty on the Czech market is a sale of shelf companies on-line that makes the process even faster. The first company on the czech market that is currently lanching the sale of shelf companies on-line is our partner Ready Made Companies SE.

Ready Made Companies SE is specializing on the sale of shelf companies, ready made companies (Ltd., Inc., SE) and foreign offshore companies. RMC also offers a wide range of additional services such as office house, virtual office and nominee services. In cooperation with ČUK they propose to clients the best international trade structure, choice of optimal foreign partners and financial flows and give advice on favourable tax regimes and laws. 

More information can be found on the website of our partner company or you may directly contact Ready Made Companies SE.